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Is Spinal Surgery Necessary For You?


There are many varieties of spine surgery operations and each one are done for the reason of relieving patients from back pains that seemed to have no end. Some examples of these spinal surgery operations are  decompressive and lumbar laminectomy and lumbar fusion and fixation. These procedures are commonly done to patients who are in constant pain and suffering from spinal injuries of different kinds.


The Surgeries


Microdiscectomy Procedure


In the event that the tissue that separates the vertebral bones of the spinal column is ruptured microdiscectomy or commonly referred to as lumbar laminectomy is given to relieve this type of spinal injury. There are no other spinal problems aside from this one that is most commonly experienced by people. For this particular type of spinal surgery to be done, the surgeon needs to have a specialized magnification and surgical instrument so as to make an inch or less incision on the affected area of the spine. Quick recovery are experienced by patients that undergoes these types of spine surgery due to the fact that the incision is just a small one leaving little damage and stress to the muscle with a minimal amount of pain. Epidural anesthesia is being given to patients who undergo these types of surgeries instead of a general anesthesia. The ruptured disc which cushioned your spinal vertebrae is being removed by the doctor during this type of chirurgie mini-invasive du dos.


Lumbar Fusion Surgery


Patient who needs to have a more stable vertebrae are giving lumbar fusion procedures. The surgery uses an artificial bone supplement or a bone from the patient's pelvis or back in order to be infuse with the spinal bones. The harvested bone is then prepared so as to fuse it with the unstable spinal vertebrae for a more stable vertebrae to be achieved. Promoting new bone growth to the affected spinal vertebrae and stopping the motion on those unstable spinal vertebrae are the positive effects of this particular spine surgery. A back brace is worn by patients for a period of three months after the surgery has taken place in order to promote the fusion of the vertebrae and the bone graft. After the surgery takes place patients needs to undergo several x-ray procedures for the next few weeks so that the doctor may secure that the fusion is where it needs to be and no internal fixation is needed. Learn more facts from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/back-surgery/.


The Fixation


In cases of destabilized spinal vertebrae where the lumbar fusion has been done the patient will undergo fixation surgery procedures for this destabilized vertebrae to be corrected. Stabilizing the fused bones is done by using screws and rods installed by the surgeon for the spine to gain more rigidity. There is no need to remove the screw and rod on the spinal vertebrae as long as the fusion of the bones have become concrete. Read more about this surgery, click here